Ultra High Pure Materials-Introduction

We are very pleased to introduce ourselves as a world-wide provider of ultra high-pure materials and components for the lamp industry. We are committed to providing materials of ultra dry specifications required by today's lamp engineers. Microchem's materials are produced by their extremely low water, oxygen and hydroxide materials with a strictly controlled mass variation and compositions. They have been used for more efficient means of obtaining uniform dosing of arc tubes in view of both composition and total weight of dose. We Microchem Inc,., routinely supply the mixed metal halides of a variety of components and compositions in the from of precisely sized spheres of narrow mass variation. Our target has always been to provide our customers with ultra dry materials that keep the lamps in the best quality of their lamps and lower their manufacturing costs to the lamp manufacturers. We are now covering ultra dry metal halides of most of elements.

Ultra high-pure materials that we routinely produce with precision weight and size control like spherical halide salts, metal alloys and amalgams have low surface area and are free flowing. Our ultimate mission will be realized to provide our customers with the best value of Reliability, Quality and Service in the lighting industry. That's Microchem Inc.,. We appreciate doing business with people who care about their customers beyond just selling a product. By building strong relationships with our customers and meeting their lighting needs, it is our hope that we can both continue to grow and prosper in the future. We are prepared to serve your lighting needs with a complete line of high quality materials.
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